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Bridewell Studios

Prescot St

Liverpool L7 8UL



Studio - 0151 280 4337
Mobile - 07801551226

Anyone who has a heart

Flip Gate

Coast to Coast ‘C’

Coast to Coast

‘Second Sun’

Skull Anamorphic

I am interested in the relationship between art and design in the public realm, how and why its production is expressed, and its potential effects and functions in the built environment and our shared public landscape. This focus has led to commissions from both public and private institutions, where public consideration as well as art and creative design solutions inform and are intertwined with physical outcomes.

Working with curators, architects and developers, I explore and offer proposals for any given project with a design process that responds to the site and its specific requirements and possibilities.

I often work with company directors and design managers to develop best practice around SECTION 106 planning requirements. Companies wanting to control their S106 contribution, are looking to explore interesting artistic integration, forms, furniture, landscape and creative engagement options. There is a growing understanding that early artistic involvement not only enhances the monetary and social, value added aspect but the cultural contribution also.

Works include sculpture, interactive artworks, integrated installations, Interior design, lighting, furniture, film and digital technologies. I work with new technologies alongside traditional skills within the context of shared public and private space. 


Architects Developers Agencies -

Balfour Beatty, BAM, BDP, Bovis Lend Lease, Capita Symonds, Brock Carmichael, Carillion, Design Engine, HLM, Scott Brownrigg, Aurora, BAM, Bruntwood, Bluecoat Art Centre, Intu, Lend Lease, South Liverpool Housing Association, Oxford Brookes University,

City/Councils - Cannock, Cardiff, Chester, Hereford, Leicester, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Morpeth, Newport, Stockport, Sunderland, St Helens, Wolverhampton